Free Motion

Dr Shayan Quinlan

Dr Shayan Quinlan

Shayan Quinlan brings over 18 years of experience in patient care to her daily work.

Shayan Quinlan has worked across three continents and has worked with a variety of professions over time, including physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Sports has been a focus, with younger athletes to older competitors being patients; from complete beginners to international professionals.
Shayan Quinlan is currently doing a PhD through the University of Sydney.


What is different about Chiropractic at Free Motion?

Shayan Quinlan's treatment times are an hour for inital and half an hour for a follow up appoinment.

Assessment is thorough and the focus is to treat the cause and not only the symptoms of the problem.

Treatment includes soft tissue techniques, including dry needling; chiropractic manipulation if required but avoided if the patient is uncomfortable with it; prescribed and specially designed exercise programs you can access on your smart phone or device; and an excellent referral base if required.

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